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Serving Authentic Thai  

Our restaurant is cosy and friendly and we strive to welcome and put all our diners at ease. 


Our waiting staff are English and young. They have a detailed knowledge of Thai food and can help and advise on choices where appropriate. 


Our Chef is Thai and has a lifetime of experience in preparing and cooking her native food. We have been awarded "Thai Select" by the Department of Commercial Affairs, Royal Thai Government, one of only a hundred or so restaurants to achieve this standard in the UK.  ​Receiving our first award in 2019.

Here at Ocean and Earth Thai we take pride in that everything you eat, we have made and prepared ourselves here on the premises. From the fish cakes, spring rolls even all our ice creams and desserts we have developed and made especially for your enjoyment. 


A small quaint family-run restaurant by Nigel, Duan and Samantha.

Duan started her first restaurant in a village in North East Thailand when she was thirteen, that is over forty years ago. Learning to cook authentic Thai from her Mother and Father in a small village in the North East region of Thailand. Her passion and enjoyment for cooking have been sustained over the years for cooking for all her friends and family as a way of bringing everyone she loves together.


During our time in Oxford, for eight years Duan taught Thai cookery to adults for Oxfordshire County council, in addition to catering for private events and parties of all sizes.

In late 2013 the opportunity arose to move to Looe, Cornwall, and run our own Authentic Thai Restaurant.


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